Kara (orangesofwrath) wrote in invite_codes,

Well, invite codes are gone, thus this community is gone.

Thanks to everyone that made this community successful and I wish you all the best in the future!

EDIT: Don't email me asking for your password for a journal that I made you (or anyother member). HEY, STUPID! You can create your own journal now!
But seriously, I'm not going to lie to you. I'm checking to see if the accounts I made WITH livejournal codes. . . if they will have codes generated after a week. If they do, then I will keep the journals because I want to use the codes for paid time. Since they were my codes in the first place and I PAID FOR THEM I believe I have the legal rights to them. Plus, I (and all of the other members here) put a lot of work into this community. So, we can do whatever the hell we want.
Don't like it? I really don't care since this community is dead now anyway. I'll let you guys know if I'm going to give you the journals. And if you can't wait a few days, then just make your own journal.
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Wow, this is all just so SUDDEN.......

Well....it was nice getting to know you all, I had fun (when I wasn't dealing with the morons who requested from us, lol). Best wishes to you all.
Yes, it was.

I'm very sad, but there are memories here I can never forget.

I loved the morons. They were hilarious.

Take care!
thanks for everything
You're welcome and thank you! :D
Awww, Lily, I'm so sad.....

I'm sad and mad.

Ick, bad Livejournal, bad! :(
I got my journal from you guys, and now I run a similar community in DJ, but i just wanted to say thanks so much for the journal, it means alot to me, and sorry the communities are coming down.
While I personally think it's a VERY stupid thing from LiveJournal to get rid of the invite codes, we lowlife users apparently have nothing to say about it >___<.

I want to thank you anyway for making my livejournal in the first place! I really like to use it and it still feels a little bit special, because you made it ^^.
I'm angry at Livejournal and I feel that most of the users of Livejournal had little or no say in the decision that was made. I too think that getting ride of invite codes is a horrible idea, but Livejournal claims they can handle it. I have my doubts.

You're welcome and I hope you enjoy it. As I have little enjoyment of Livejournal anymore.

Take care. :)
Yeah, me too. I'm just sorry that I never really got the chance to help you all out. =(
That's ok, at least you showed interest, many people don't.

Hopefully they'll use invite codes again. . . but until then. . . . :(
Hey you were the FAQ police. That was a great help!!
i think it's dumb to get rid of the codes. because now it will be so easy to get a journal that it will become mainstream and turn into one of those unknow journal places. like deadjournal or one of those.
I think so too.

There will be so many users that servers will overload and no one will be able to access the site, but Livejournal claims they can handle it (but I doubt that).
They've already noted that they've had 4x as many users sign up and it's only been a day!!!
I really like(d) this community. It was awesome and helpful. I agree with one of the above comments that was talking about how LJ will become mainstream. It was a little more private and exclusive with the codes. I don't much like the idea of everyone and their mom owning one of these, but life goes on. Basically I just wanted to say "Thanks" for my LJ (that I'm getting on Sunday or so). I didn't mean to go off on a tangent, it just happened ^.^
Thank you so much for this community. Your hard work made a lot of happy lj users. I am sad they got rid of the codes.
As much as I didn't like the invite codes, it does make LJ a private site.....and more secuire. Thats why I joined, because I felt it was a very secure site to go on to. The thing I worry about is, security breeches, hackers, people slandering others by posting as one user, then makes a totally new account and states he/she didn't do it (this happened on free oepn diary.) and not to mention the overload LJ faces with it's servers, server crashes, slow speeds etc. I can go on and on and on.

Rumors today said that LJ's NEWEST users w/out the codes had a 30 day trial before making their accounts paid. I think I know of one user who did a mass invite code giveaway complain and wanted the codes down for good. Then I get a email from this same user that codes are gone for good....... If I had the article Lilly, I'd send it to you, but I don't have it.

Good luck to you all, and thanks for making my Journal :) and I too thought the morons who didn't follow the faqs were helarious myself.
hey , i just wanna thank u guys for making my journal and ya.. this community was great
this community was so helpful...thank you so much :)
I just wanted to say, I got my journal from you guys, and I wanna thank you big time for providing this oppurtunity for people.

As for the codes, I already know of at least one person who just made a journal so they could make TWO comments in a stupid piece of drama. It's incredibly sad, and I think livejournal's made a HUGE mistake. Still, when the lj codes come back (and they will, as soon as servers start becoming a problem) I'll be glad to reign that one in and donate it to you, along with any others I come across.